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Jet Aviation + Space Transportation = The Arrow of Time

History of flying, economy global, jet aircraft for the airlines, researches in technology, ecology and energy, air traffic from flag carriers towards mega groups, style, airports, the flight, safety, conflicts and strategy, terrorism, natural catastrophes, routing – the fundamental backgrounds of nowadays’ traffic, are a matter of this compact illustrated analysis, to be completed with a survey of international route pioneering from the beginning and impressions of flying. Present development culminates in space programs and dreams, leading to an outlook towards culture, future, astrophysics and metaphysics – the Arrow of Time.

Concorde, taking off at Salzburg, Easter Monday 1984 (WS)

He’ll do his first flight
The big bird
From the back of the hill
The universe with amazement
and all the scriptures with his glory he’ll fill
Leonardo da Vinci, 1497

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American Airlines, A330 ex US Airways, Munich 2015 (WS)

Emirates Airline, A380, Arabian Gulf 2015 (WS)

The imagination of flying is as old as mankind. God’s angels are flying. Garuda in Sanskrit means a gigantic bird carrying a deity through the air. The Vietnamese deity Thien Hau flew on the clouds. In the Inca legend, Antiquari was a fabled boy, reputed to fly. The legendary kings Rama of India and Etana of Babylon, the Queen of Shaba, the antique heroes Ikaros and Daedalos and medieval demons figured in the myth. And in 1649 Cyrano de Bergerac published his novel “Voyage dans la lune”, the voyage to the Moon. Flying has inspired thinking beyond space and time, beyond physics – towards Metaphysics…

Sphinx of Attica (National Archeological Museum, Athens)

from India… (coll. WS)

Among the photographs, planes flying in the air are preferred, the landing gear retracted, thus showing the full beauty of the airliner. Certain pictures you get in a higher quality by an extra click. In the text, accents and umlauts were avoided in order to make the text readable worldwide. For airlines, the shortest name or abbreviation was used. The legal copyright regulations are obligatory. You are welcome to copy limited parts of the survey’s text and the author’s own photos, marked WS, freely and to integrate them into any non-commercial, non-political Web site on condition that you provide the link to log on to For the history of commercial aviation see mainly the books by R.E.G. Davies, by B.I. Hengi or by G. Endres/ G. Edwards. For aircraft history see ‘The Encyclopedy of World Aircraft’ and newer publications. For airliner registrations see JP. Compare also the World Airlines Directory and the World Airliner Directory of Flight International and the Flightglobal team. For development towards space travel, Aerospace America is a competent source. The author is grateful to authorities, to IATA, NASA and to Wikipedia. For current information about aviation, among others the Luftfahrt Journal (in the text abbreviated LJ) is a valuable source, edited by Coincat e.V., see For the history of passenger ships, beginning with the steam age, researched together with Heribert Schroepfer, and for the history of express trains worldwide, click:
- in connection with a trilogy never published, free from commercial obstacles. The authors acknowledge their gratitude to all the institutions, enthusiasts and family members, whose generous help has contributed to this work.

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A monument in Desenzano (WS)

…to my wife Kyriaki Soelch

To my wife Kyriaki
and to our parents
Fritz and Anni,
Nikos and Antigone,
Kurt and Gerta

Werner and Hans Soelch

Flying over the Swiss Matterhorn (WS)

Minotaur rocket launch (courtesy US Air Force, 2010)