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Updating is concerning advanced development in technology. Russian aircraft producers were traditionally abbreviated like that: Tupolev = Tu. Only later some literature changed to TU, but renowned R.E.G. Davies kept Tu. Select:

 Jet Development
    Military Precursors | Whittle, Ohain, Heinkel, Leduc, WWII, aftermath
    Comet + Tupolev | Comet, Vickers, C-102, 152, Tu-104, Tu-124
    Boeing + Competitors | B.707, B.720, DC-8, Convair, VC-10, IL-62
    Short-to-Medium | Caravelle, B.727, Trident, DC-9, Tu-134, Tu-154, Mercure, B.737, BAC 111, Regional Jets
    B.747 | Boeing 747
    DC-10 + TriStar | DC-10, MD-11, TriStar, no Russians
    Supersonic Pioneering | XS-1, B-58, XB-70A, SR-71, USSR
    Concorde | Concorde (plus stories)
    Tu-144 | Tupolev Tu-144
    SST Ambitions | B.2707, L-2000, NAC-60, ESRP, JADC, Tu-244
    Airbus + Boeing | A300, A310, IL-86, IL-96, B.757, B.767, B.777, A320, A330, A340, MD-12
    A380 | A380
    Dreamliner + A350 | Sonic Cruiser, B.787, A350, CR929
    Narrowbodies | CRJ, A220, MC-21, C119, EMB, ARJ21, SSJ100, MRJ
    Flying Wings | BWB, OFW
    Studies + Ambitions | Studies versus Reality
    Data | Jetliners’ Specifications
    Fleet | Leading airlines’ jet fleet

Flying over Tyrol (WS)

With Hitler’s incendiary bomb raid on the civilian population of Guernica during the Spanish civil war, aircraft has become the tool of the evil. The story continued with bombing Coventry, Hamburg, Piraeus, Belgrade, Dresden, Hiroshima, Cambodia, Aleppo… Finally the Cold War brought civilization on the brink of self-destruction. Mankind has done the work of the devil – and opened up the skies.

Airbus A330-300 of Lufthansa, Munich 2015 (WS)

Boeing 777, Japan Airlines subsidiary, Tokyo Haneda 2005 (WS)